I am Elizabeth Bennet

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Didn’t I say this back in my Pride and Prejudice review?

Yes, in fact I did:

I have found that the first time I read this book, I was definitely Elizabeth. Now, about 15 years later, I am still Elizabeth Bennet.

It’s always interesting to get confirmation from an independent source 😉

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5 Responses

  1. Lol I’m watching this right now 🙂 and its during a scene where she’s wearing that dress!

    That aside, I’m Elinor Dashwood… lol which really does make sense.. hmmm.

  2. I’m Anne Elliot – not too shabby! and one of my favorite Austen books.

  3. Me too!:)

  4. Anne Elliot is a character I don’t know yet. She must be in the latter three.

  5. I’ve always been Elinor Dashwood. : )

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