Tuesday Thingers -The Voices won’t leave me alone!

Tuesday Thingers ROCK!

Since we’re past the Fourth of July and the summer season has officially started, what are your plans for the summer? Vacations, trips? Trips that involve reading? Reading plans? If you’re going somewhere, do you do any reading to prepare? Do you read local literature as part of your trip? Have you thought about using the LT Local feature to help plan your book-buying?

My plans for this summer are simple: READ. Read whatever isn’t nailed shut, read whatever is in English (not up for translating German, French, Spanish or Vietnamese… though I have books in those languages in my library.), read all the ARCs on the desk, finish the Jane-a-thon, and making a dent in Mt. TBR by Christmas. READ.

and review,    yes, that’s it…. My plans for this summer are simple: READ and REVIEW. Review all the books I read that aren’t nailed shut, in English, ARCs, Janes and on Mt. TBR. READ and REVIEW.

and blog?    Well, yes.. of course BLOG… that goes without saying.  My plans for this summer are simple: READ and REVIEW and BLOG. Blog my reviews of the books I read that aren’t nailed shut, not in German, French, Spanish or Vietnamese, that are ARCs and on Mt. TBR. plus blog the memes?   Yes, and blog the memes.

Why don’t you join any blog challenges?     Well I did join Fyrefly’s Ye Olde TBR(e) Challenge, what more do you want? I just started blogging!     Well you don’t have to get snippy about it, I was only trying to help!     I wasn’t trying to be “snippy”, I was just trying to get this blog written.     Well you hurt my feelings… you should say you’re sorry for that.     Alright! I’m sorry.     That’s right, you are sorry.     Can we get on with this Tuesday Thingers now? before it’s Booking Through Thursday?     a’right.     Where was I? Right, plans for the summer…     don’t forget about the giveaway!

My plans for this summer are simple: READ, REVIEW, BLOG and GIVEAWAY! I’m having My First Ever Giveaway!! for a $20 Borders gift card. It’s been open for about a week, and I have about 300 entries. When I get 400 I’ll add a $10 gift card, and at 500 I’ll add a $5. Click the pic for details!.

You could be a winner!






14 Responses

  1. I have very similar summer plans. Read. Read. Read! And blog. And read. :o) (Also, I love your goal to read 75 books by the end of the year. That is about where I’m headed. That elusive 100 might have to wait until 2009.)

  2. Haha – are we all closet (or not so closet) Star Trek fans? Speaking of, I ran into a Star Trek actor at lunch the other day. Unfortunately, I was the only one in my lunch group that was excited about it.

  3. Yes, reading will be a big part of my summer as well!

  4. Um, dear, are there voices in your head talking? Hee, hee. Why shouldn’t you be reading, reviewing, blogging, and eating bonbons? It’s not like there’s anything else going on in your life, now is there? /silly sarcasm
    Enjoy the reading, reviewing, blogging, and everything else!

  5. Where in Indiana are you? I live in Columbus. If you would rather email, email me at mawshimp at gmail dot com.

  6. That’s a good goal to have! Read, Review, and Blog. I like it.

  7. That sounds like a fun summer to me! Your posts are always so entertaining. =)

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog. The Gargoyle sounds great! My library doesn’t carry it so I will have to see about putting in a request. Your summer sounds like mine, read. Not a bad way to spend the days 😀

  9. This sounds a lot like my summer plans! I have TBR and reviewed stack getting out of control. Good thing, because I can’t afford the gas to travel!

  10. First, hon, where do you live that your books are nailed shut? Is it like Transylvania or something? Weird.
    Me? I was feeling a bit odd myself tonight and wrote this response to Tuesday Thingers, a little at Marie’s expense. (Again, sorry, Marie.)

  11. Yes, my plans for the summer are much the same – read, read, and read some more. But what I really need to think about are the reviews. If I don’t get busy on some reviews pretty soon, I’m gonna start hearing voices, too!

  12. so are you going to read this summer? 🙂

    as far as the star trek experience, no, i’m not going to dress up! too much to pack! 🙂

  13. My plans are like yours READ and BLOG!! Is there really anything else to do?? hahahah

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