Booking Through Thursday -Doomsday

Booking Through Thursday

What would you do if, all of a sudden, your favorite source of books was unavailable?

Whether it’s a local book shop, your town library, or an Internet shop … what would you do if, suddenly, they were out of business? Devastatingly, and with no warning? Where would you go for books instead? What would you do? If it was a local business you would try to help out the owners? Would you just calmly start buyingfrom some other store? Visit the library in the next town instead? Would it be devastating? Or just a blip in your reading habit?

Let’s see… my favorite place to go for books is the Internet.  Requesting ARCs and reviewer copies from the Publishers and authors and accepting them from the same, as well.  When it comes to the idea of the  Internet suddenly going out of business, I think I’m safe.   Barring the EMP that results from nuclear war, I don’t think I have to worry about the ‘net going away without warning.

HOWEVER, if I don’t pay my bill, I could lose my access at home.  Mild withdraw might ensue (probably wouldensue), but there is still the library’s computer farm.  One hour a day, surrounded by pimply-faced, obnoxiously loud teenagers whose favorite phrases are, “dude! that’s so gay,” and “you’re an F-ing A-hole (without the hyphens.. you know what I mean)”, and whose favorite site is YouTube.  These little “patrons” are why our local library had to hire an off-duty police officer to patrol the library, but that is a rant for another day.

Back to the question at hand… in the interest of full participation, I’m going to use a more likely scenario.  What if Borders suddenly, and without warning, shut down my Waldenbooks?  That would seriously suck.  I would be forced to troll the Wal-mart book rack for the new releases (have you seen their “selection”?), or pay full sticker at the grocery store… YIKES!  I ain’t paid $30 for a new book since college!  I get pissy about it if I have to pay $15 (like Kafka on the Shore, which I still have not read, and I think I had a coupon for THAT, too.   I would be forced to waiting and hoping for it to pop up on BookMooch or PBS, and now with the new reserve system on BM I might never see one.

Thanks for this question…. now I’ll have nightmares for a week.  My one consolation is that Mt. TBR would keep me in the read for a year or so, long enough for a Books-a-million to move to town (not likely, since there’s a store 30 minutes away, and people in my town will drive there).

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7 Responses

  1. Great description of the “computer farm”! That should keep you motivated to have internet access at home…

    I love the idea of “Mt. TBR.” I’ve always been afraid of keeping a TBR list for fear of giving up in despair!

  2. *shudders* Full price! I could never afford to have so many books if I actually paid the cover price for any of them. My Wal-Mart has a decent book selection (shocking), but it just wouldn’t be the same without a proper bookstore around.

  3. I totally agree – the internet is a haven for books for me! Full price books would cramp my style 🙂

  4. Computer farm. Huh. We live in the country and our library has four computers so no problems there. Mostly retired individuals and people looking for a job and occasionally when my computer crashes, me…

    …and if you paid $15 for Kafka on The Shore, I’d say that’s worth it. From what I remember, it was a pretty good book – if not strange, but that’s par for the course for Murakami.

    Also I just looked at your MT TBR inventory. Reminds me that I need to update my TBR list…on my site. As if I’ll get to it, though. That would take up time I could be reading. 🙂

  5. I agree internet is another great source for books! I really love your idea on “Mt. TBR”. 😀

  6. I’d forgotten about coupons, if they stopped coming I’d be buying new books far less frequently! On my shelf a book I paid full price for is in the minority. I used to get a lot from the reject bins at the library too but not so much now. Mt. TBR is a great image btw =)

  7. You’ve described exactly the reason why I don’t use our local library more often. Just can’t take those little “patrons” and their “computer farm.” I guess I’m just too old for the public library now!

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