The Where’s your book set? meme

The Where’s your book set? meme

I found this on Blue Archipelago’s Sunday Salon post, and thought it’d be fun.  Here’s how it works – just answer some or all of the following questions about the book you are currently reading (or just finished if you are between books).

Here’s the questions:

1. Title and author of the book

2. What year is the book set in?

3. What happened on this day in that year? Go to google and type in the date ie 13 July 1952 and see if you can find a news item for that day.

4. Where is your book set?

5. Have you visited that place before? If yes tell us something about your trip. If no, look the location up on google and tell us an interesting fact about the city/country.

My answers:

1.  I’m currently reading The White Maryby Kira Salak (I’m also reading Why You Shouldn’t Eat Your Boogers but that wouldn’t play well with this meme)

2.  I’m not sure if it has a year, just current.  For the purposes of the meme I’ll say 2007.

3.  “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” opened in theaters on July 13th, 2007 (That would have made it a Friday the 13th…. perfectly witchy day for a witchy movie.)

4.  The White Maryis mainly set in Papau New Guinea and Boston, though there are a few other places Marika goes.

5.  I have not visited PNG, myself, but my dad did on a layover to Australia.  I haven’t been to Boston, either.  Wikepedia says this of PNG:

It is one of the most diverse countries on Earth, with over 850 indigenous languages and at least as many traditional societies, out of a population of just under 6 million.

And I thought Vietnam’s 57 different ethnicities and languages was a lot… 850!

6 Responses

  1. well i think you have to visit Boston at some point, even if you don’t make it to PNG- we have a lot to offer, too! 🙂
    My article on the Borders Concept Store will be up on Wednesday, I think- after I do Graphic Novel Monday and Tuesday Thingers! And I need a day or two to process what I thought. 🙂 It was cool, though.

  2. Hi Koolaidmom….This is fun.

    1. Title: Far Above Rubies by Cynthia Polansky
    2. 1940
    3. Actor Patrick Stewart, the voice of Mr. Woolensworth in the 2005 animated feature “Chicken Little,” was born in England
    4. Auschwitz
    5. No, The concentration camp was named after the nearby town called Auschwitz in Poland. First transports of prisoners began on Jan 25th 1940, and liberation by Soviet forces did not take place until Jan 27th 1945. The number of people killed at Auschwitz is still being debated. Numbers go as high as 4 million people.

  3. That sounds an interesting book! Strange, but I’ve happened upon a couple more books which feature PNG’s strange when that happens. These facts you’ve given today make it sound even more exciting than I thought. I think I’d like to go there some day.

  4. Thanks for your comments! You should definitely sandwich The Glass Castle in between two lighter reads, but it is well worth it.

    Re: making up new words to songs you like: my husband and I have two year old basset hound that we are head over heels in love with. Her name is Millie. Right after we got her, I heard the song “New Age Girl” by Deadeye Dick playing on a 90s flashback weekend on my favorite radio station….you’ll remember this song for the chours “Mary moo, she’s a vegetarian….she loves me so, she hates to be alone, she don’t eat meat, but she sure likes the bone…WOOF!” If you don’t know it, go download it now. Hysterical.

    Anyway, we rewrote the words: “Millie Moo, she’s a little basset hound (Millie Moo, Millie Moo)…she loves to walk and bark and hrmph* around, she sniffs a lot ‘cuz she’s low to the ground.”

    *hrmph is a made-up word (do all couples do this?) for gallumphing/being lazy/acting irritable. as in “don’t get all hrmphy, it’s just a trip to Home Depot.” You can also just make the “hrmph” sound to express displeasure with something.

  5. 850 languages?? Wow!

    I misread that other book title – thought you were reading why you shouldn’t eat your bloggers! *lol*

    I don’t think I’ve visited with you before – and I am loving you blog – I’m off to poke around a bit and see what else you have here 😉

  6. ps – hrmph is a great word and it gets used in our house – and we have a cat we call Mollie Moo!

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