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Completely NON-BOOK related post:

Through random surfing and Google, I found FRED. I’m generally behind times on videos and viral videos in particular. No one ever sends them to me. I get the Glen Beck‘s latest or Burger and Fries the psychotic cat, but never anything I’d really like. I have to find them myself. It sucks. Because I know there are a million great videos out there I’ve never seen.

But back to Fred… Fred is six years old, has a abusive, partying, prostitute mother and his father’s in the state pen. He has a crush on Judy, who hates him, but admits she’s a brat (but so attractive!). Judy’s boyfriend Kevin bullies Fred and had started to beat Fred up but the neighborhood stray cat with rabies bit Kevin, so Kevin doesn’t pick on Fred as much anymore. Honestly, though… For whatever reason, I think Fred’s hilarious. My 14-year-old and I sat here and watched ever Fred video on his YouTube channel. We’re addicted to Fred now, and can’t wait for season two in August.

Here is a sample of Fred. Watch it and tell me what you think:

Other highly addictive, must watch every so often videos are:
Charlie the Unicorn My kids and I do the words to this at random moment.

The Mean Ktty Song (and really, any Mr. Saftey video… Mr. Saftey’s hot)

So now you know what’s worng with me. Leave the URL for your favorite vids and share with me!


7 Responses

  1. Well, hee hee, my favorite video is Fart in the Duck. Watch it yourself before showing it to your kids, though.

  2. Where the hell is Matt? makes me grin like an idiot every time I watch it.

  3. Julie That was sick and twisted… I’ve often wondered about what is actually being taught to children through the tv shows… now I know!!

    fyrefly I first heard of Matt a couple days ago when Jay Leno had a spoof clip of it. I had to google Where’s Matt after watching the spoof. The thing about the Matt video that gets me is, it always makes me tear up. I don’t know what it is about the video that makes me cry, but the thought that all over the world people dance, are brought together by it, and are given joy by sharing it… I’m verklempt now…

    Thank you both for sharing!

  4. After commenting this morning, I found out that you can download the music that goes along with the Where’s Matt video on Amazon… I’ve listened to it three times already, and I have almost the same reaction to just the song as I do to the whole video. *sniff*grin*

  5. Lol I’ve seen “candy mountain” and “mean kitty” but I had not come across Matt 🙂 Lol must go and share with my sister!

  6. We are addicted to the Vlogbrothers:

  7. Alisha,
    Great post, I am from the “Fred” team and we liked your post and blog, could you please contact us at:

    Have a great day:)

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