Tuesday Thingers – Catalogue Me, Baby!

Today’s question: Cataloging sources. What cataloging sources do you use most? Any particular reason? Any idiosyncratic choices, or foreign sources, or sources you like better than others? Are you able to find most things through LT’s almost 700 sources?

This is a fairly easy question, as we are only really given three options:  Amazon, Library of Congress and that German thing.  Amazon is the only one I use except for the rare occasions that my book is so old Amazon doesn’t have a clue or the ARCs that I might have to hand enter.  I never knew there were more than those three, let alone nearly 700.

I use Amazon because I’m lazy.  It’s the first choice, the default choice really, and why would I click on the LoC if Amazon can get me what I want?


9 Responses

  1. I’m more than just lazy. It took me quite a while before I even noticed there were sources other than Amazon available!

  2. You do know you can click on the little line below the few default choices and pick from almost 700 other ones around the world, right? I do really use some of them on occasion. Generally I do just stick with Amazon unless the book is obscure or foreign.

  3. I have clicked on the sources just to see how many there are, but I quickly clicked away because there is an overwhelming number of them! I don’t have many foreign books, so I also stick with Amazon most of the time.

  4. But with Amazon you don’t get a MARC record! You guys are all crazy 😉

  5. I agree. Though I did have to use amazon.fr for a french graphic novel I have.

    And just to let you know, I finally posted my blogger award noms – thanks again for nominating me 🙂

  6. Amazon works for so many things. And when I have something obscure it surprises me how often the Library of Congress or some of these fancy sources *don’t* work! 🙂

  7. I am doing mine using a spreadsheet. So old fashioned right.

  8. All of my really old books I’ve been able to find through Amazon 🙂 which is really odd since some of them are so strange!

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