Viral Video Wednesday -Numa Numa

One of my favorite posts I’ve done on Mt. TBR was Fred Discovery, in which I shared a few fun videos and asked you to share your favorites with me. Julie offered Fart in the Duck, fyreflybooks posted Where the Hell is Matt?, and Suey confessed an addiction to VlogBrothers. It was a lot of fun sharing our vids, so I want to make it a regular thing on Mt. TBR.

I enjoyed the post and kept going back to it to watch the vids again and again. If anyone wants to join me in VVW, post your link in the comments. It’d be so much fun to make a meme of it! I’d love to see what y’all find and share 😀

And now, my first Viral Video Wednesday: The Numa Numa Dance

Okay, so Numa Numa isn’t exactly a new Viral Video, but it’s fun to see what all has been done with Numa Numa. First let’s start with the original Numa Numa video… not Gary, but the REAL music video by the Moldovan band, O-Zone. The actual name of the song is “Dragostea Din Tei”.

Then, along came Gary Brolsma, aka The Numa Numa Guy, who posted this video on in 2004…

This video is the 2nd most viewed viral video in history second only to The Star Wars Kid, according to Wikepedia.This vid got Gary on ABC, NBC, and VH1, who listed him as Number 1 on the Top 40 Internet Superstars (I didn’t even know there was a list!). He got his own website titled… wait for it… Gary Brolsma & New Numa

Wait, New Numa? Yes, Gary made a new Numa video:

However, this drew some flak from video viewers everywhere, because Gary decided if Milli Vanilli could get rich by lip synching, why couldn’t he? Mr. Safety made this parody called, “I Will Not Pay”

Evidently Numa has paid Gary well, because he held a contest “New Numa Fatty Contest”, paying the Grand Prize winner $25,000 with a $10,000 and $5,000 prize winners, as well. (List of the winners for your perusing pleasure)

Other bizarre but hilarious Numa Numa videos:

Kitties, Meerkats, and what the hell is that thing??!

Win over a hot chick doing the Numa Dance:

Who knew all we had to do was play Numa Numa outside the caves to get Osama?!:

Yoda does the Numa Numa, too:

If you want to graduate from the 5th grade at this school, you had to Numa Numa:

Numa Numa Navy:

WTF? Numa Numa on (Foreign) Idol? OOOOH…. I sooo wish Simon was there!

Spanish… um, amigos de Dorotea?… Doing the Numa:

They are doing Numa Numa all over the world:
Israeli Numa, Japanese Numa, Chinese Numa, Vietnamese Numa (gotta show this to Maggie), Indonesian Numa, Korean Numa, Thai Numa, Spanish Numa

In case you’ve ever wanted to know what they were singing, here’s an English language version:

AND, if all THAT wasn’t enough…. How ’bout Numa Opera!:

There are Lord of the Rings Numa, Pirates of the Caribbean Numa, Shrek Numa, silly kids in class Numa, If you’re not already ready to drive a phillips number six into your eardrums from Numa-overload, go nuts with a Numa Numa search!


10 Responses

  1. Yay, I love O-Zone! I had a bit of an obsession with this song back in 2005, when I was studying for my qualifying exams – needed something silly to de-stress. The first video is actually not O-Zone, it’s a cover of Dragostea Din Tei by a group called Haducii. The actual O-Zone video is here (I don’t know if I can embed youtube vids in the comments.) Why are they dancing on a plane? What’s with the animations? No one knows!

    The English version is also good/amusing, but is not a direct translation. Not that the Romanian lyrics are any less silly, but they’re different silly. Don’t ask me how long I spent looking for Romanian-to-English translators while I should have been studying for my exams. 😉

    There’s also LegO-Zone (watch after the one above).

    Other O-Zone songs/videos:
    Numai Tu
    Despre Tine
    De Ce Pling Chitarele

    I hadn’t listened to that album in ages! Thanks for the chance to indulge. 🙂

  2. Whoa! That’s A LOT of Numa Numa! I’ll ponder what should be my next favorite to share and be back with a link tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Gary Brolsma is also in Weezer’s “Pork and Beans” video.

  4. I love yours, bermudaonion! There’s such a wealth of viral videos to be plumbed there! 😀

    and fyrefly, I didn’t know that wasn’t O-zone. I was going by what the vid info said. That explains why the guy in that Numa vid looks nothing like the dude in all the other O-zone videos. Thanks for sharing the other O-zone links. I really thought Numai Tu was cool; it reminded me of that on Kylie Monogue music video… I forget the name of the song.

  5. Okay. So I did a video post. Come check it out! 🙂

  6. Okay. I’ve put my videos up now. Hopefully I can get the comment here to go through next! (I keep having weird computer problems today. Hate it!)

  7. Obsessive.
    Here is a viral video that I like:
    It’s a Jib Jab video on the campaign that features Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A Changin’ with new lyrics.

  8. That was so much fun. Thanks

  9. Love it! I saw this great video on SF Iam where the reporter goes to Seattle to try and track down Internet and You Tube sensation Matt Harding of Where the Hell is Fame:

    Find out the origins of Matt Harding’s fancy dance that has become a global InterWeb craze. Man, this guy has been fancy dancing all around the world for 5 years now, spreading happiness!

    Also, SF Iam has a lot of other great videos you should check out.

  10. […] I swear! I have featured his videos on past VVWs, including the first video I saw, Mean Kitty, and the Numa Numa parody. I’m not sure if I subbed for the Mean Kitty music video, or if it was one of the “how […]

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