TSS – Middle-aged Vampire adopts Malevolent Child

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I’ve been much happier with myself this week. I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something. I finished The Richest Season, registered my 15-year-old for school, read Twilight(my high-schooler was shocked about that. She said, “Everybody in my school’s reading those!” I guess I’m hip?), read and reread and re-reread Cherise the Niece, accomplished my goal today of finishing Book One in Caesar’s The Conquest of Gaul… which may be the death of me, and am almost a fourth of the way through When We Were Romans… which I’m not sure if I like it or not, but at least it’s simple and short.

I also started a meme (even if it’s a meme of two… thanks Suey) this week called Viral Video Wednesday. A lot of people left their videos in the comment section, as well. This weeks was VVW – Numa Numa. A post dedicated to the history and evolution of Numa Numa. bermudaonion gave me the idea for next weeks, so check back in to see. I’m still trying to figure out how to slip Mr. Safety in next week’s post.

As promised, Today is the day I announce the winner of the signed copy of Mishka: An Adoption Tale. Again, I used Research Randomizer because it’s free… Random.org charges money… and the random number is 17, which is The Eighth Art! With only one entry I might add… Buy a lottery ticket, today seems to be your lucky day! So email me your address so I can send you your beautifully illustrated, heartwarming book 🙂 Check in on Monday, when I will announce my next giveaway!


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  1. I’m not familiar with Research Randomizer. I’ll have to check that out. I use Random.org and haven’t had to pay for it the service. I must be doing something different.

    I hope to spend tomorrow (Sunday) reading as much as I can. I didn’t get much of that done today like I hoped. I hope you have a good week!

  2. You’ve reminded me that I must get hold of another copy of ‘When We Were Romans’ so that I can finish it. There was a whole section missing in all the copies our library system had and I intended to wait until the paperback was available and try again. Then, of course, with so much else I wanted to read, i forgot all about it. Thanks for the nudge.

  3. You hit me on a weak spot with video thing! We are so addicted to YouTube at this house!

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