Why You Shouldn’t Eat Your Boogers -Factoid

What’s an Elizabethan cure for wrinkles?


In Elizabethan times, some women applied puppy urine to their faces, as they believed it would help to improve the health of their skin and give them a radiant complexion.  The wife of the famous diarist Samuel Pepys used puppy urine on her skin, but he didn’t record whether or not it had an effect!

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So tell me, how far would you go for beauty?  What’s the nastiest thing you’d put on your skin?


13 Responses

  1. i believe that skin care is unneeded. never been one to suffer from blemish or bothers.
    my esthetician wife however would gladly put the blood of a demonic half cat / half emaciated marsupial onto her skin if she were to find that certain attributes were going to help with exfoliation or some other need.

  2. That’s pretty disgusting. People used to put all sorts of things on their skin in the name of beauty. What’s worse, those things or the chemicals we use today?

    I probably wouldn’t put anything like that on my skin. I hardly wear makeup as it is, why bother with vile substances? LOL.

  3. Yuk! I have to admit I am fairly laid back about skin care, so it would have to do some pretty amazing things before I would go to the trouble, especially if it was gross.

  4. I’m pretty sure that the farthest I would go is mud. That’s it. No puppy pee for me.

  5. Ugh! Gross!! I definitely would not put anything gross on my face. In fact, I just wash my face with water!

  6. Oh gosh, that is awful! I don’t think I’d really do much for my skin…I hardly do normal things now, so I wouldn’t being looking for anything MORE extreme!


  7. I’m really glad that I wasn’t born in Elizabethan times. I’ll gladly stick with Oil of Olay and cucumber slices!

  8. That’s pretty gross…there was a season of Nip/Tuck in which two of the female characters opened a spa and heard from one of their patients that her secret to smooth skin was—wait for it—semen! I’m gagging just thinking about it. She left her son a little jar, and he’d make a, erm, deposit for her each night. Imagine trying to mass produce that!

    I don’t think I’d go that far…it’s Neutrogena or bust for me.

  9. readerville, I was just thinking of that season of nip/tuck, LOL! That was gross! I don’t use many masks on my face. I have used this one that for some reason feels like it is burning my face I’m not sure why I’ve used it more than once. It must be that I forgot that that is the offending mask that burned my face!

  10. I find most skin care products way too strong for my skin so I just wash my face with some cool water and slather on some moisturizer (made from all natural products) … but no matter how natural puppy pee may be that is just too yucky to imagine!! blech

  11. My husband told me that the military taught him to pee on a wound if they were ever in an unsanitary situation.

  12. Growing up by the ocean, we were always told to pee on jellyfish stings … but no matter how much they hurt I never did.

  13. I can see peeing on a jellyfish sting…but not on my face. I HAVE to wonder how awful those women smelled back then!

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