The Sunday Salon – DEATH to Mr. Manners!

The Sunday

Good Morning All!! Happy Sunday, and whatnot. I fell asleep with the TV on CNN and had some very weird dreams. Something about the book Daddy Long Legs, how that got in there I don’t know, along with sitting pool side in Beijing watching Phelps win the 8th gold medal, I doknow how that got in there… it’s only on every five minutes! mixed together with Obama, McCain, housefires and hurricanes to make some weird unconscious cocktail of imagination.

BERNIE MAC died? I just happened to glance over at the TV and just found out. I really love Bernie Mac’s comedy. Guess Who? is one of my favorite comedies, and I love the Bernie Mac show where he’s taking care of his niece and nephew. And I guess Isaac Hayes died, as well. Crap! I need to at least watch the news more.

Chocolate prices is on the rise. That sucks. But I’ll have to say what the smokers say… If it get up to $1.00 a bar, I quit eating it! and then still buying chocolate when it’s $2.50 a bar. Chocolate and books…. they are my crack!

My Friday-Fillinsthis week sparked a bit of interest. It seems you can’t say you intensely dislike your neighbor and suggest we all dress up like my neighbor so we can create mayhem in his (and her) image without getting a couple comments of laughter and curiosity, as well as a few who understand. So I thought I’d explained a little more about the joy and rapture I feel NOT! about my friendly cough next-door neighbors.

When they moved in I said hi and was friendly, and I gave them some tomatoes from my garden and some baked goodies. A few weeks later, Mr. Manners knocked on my door at 10 o’clock at night demanding I turn down my TV. Their grandkidstore up my yard, left their toys and stuff in the grass which made my lawn mower happy, and even played on my front porch with my kids’ stuff when we weren’t home. Mr. Manners made a vague threat he was going to kill my cat by locking him up in his garage and leaving him there for a couple weeks. Last year, when I was walking Missy, our mini rat terrier, he whistled to her in a friendly way, and she went happily to him… after all, every human loves her and has always been good to her. Suddenly he started chucking rocks at her, cussing her out and threatening to kill her if she ever stepped in his yard again. He cussed out my oldest daughter because she was standing too close to his POS van… she was a yard and a half away from it!

A couple weeks ago, Maggie had a lemonade and cookie stand to make money to go to our local amusementpark and asked my neighbor’s grandson if he wanted some. When he went to ask, Mrs. Manners told him he couldn’t have anything she was selling and he wasn’t allowed to talk or play with Maggie and she didn’t want Mags on her property. What? I gave them a box of homemade.. MY made.. cookies and goodies at Christmas, they didn’t die from them then, what gives my cooking cooties now? They were miffed about her out in from of the house hawking her goodies for sale, but then when Mags and I came out to go for breakfast at White House, it looked like their house threw up all over their front lawn. My kid was scum for having a lemonade stand, but here they are having a yard sale! I loudly told Maggie (loud enough for Mr. Manner’s to hear) she should set up her lemonade stand today so she could benefit from Mr. Manner’s yard sale traffic.

What makes matters worse, Mr. Manners happens to be my landlord’s maintenance man. So I have to let him in my house on occasion. The last time he came, Maggie answered the door, took one look at him, screamed in terror, slammed the door and ran to tell me he was at the door. Oh joy… I told him she shouldn’t have answered the door; she should have told me someone was at the door and let me get it. I don’t know if I told him she was scared of him or not.

So, that’s my neighbors. Feel free to wear a disguise that makes you look like them and go create madness and mayhem at the local 7-Eleven. 😀

A couple other things: My grandmother died on Thursday, so my presence on the blogs and ‘net may be a bit thin, particularly on Wednesday (which is the viewing) and Thursday (which is the funeral). The daily Booger factoids will still be posted, so continue to come by and comment, and I’ll put the entries in when I get home.

I don’t know if my little brother (he’s 32, not so little) is coming, and don’t know if I’ll have anyone staying with me in my home. I doubt my mom will. I’m about 90% certain she’ll choose to stay at a hotel, a room of her own and maid service as opposed to crashing here and cleaning up after all of us… which she will, no matter how much I say not to. If my brother and his two sons come up, he might stay with me if mom doesn’t pop for a hotel for them. And he’s a big tech nerd, so I’ll have to threaten to break his fingers if he tries to “improve” my computer. He’s always trying to get people to go Linux. I’m adamantly opposed for the sole reason that he’s so rabidly for it.

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7 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. If I was your mother, I’d want to stay in a motel, just so I wouldn’t have to be close to Mr. Manners. Yikes! He sounds scary.

  2. Wow, your neighbors are truly horrendous. If I was your daughter, I would have run screaming too!

    I’m sorry about your grandmother. *hugs*

  3. It must have been a night for dreams. I had an interesting adventure dream last night and am still wracking my brain to figure out where it came from. I was a young boy who was being chased by my father and his minions and I found safety in an underground community of people who were seeking to overthrow my father’s government. They were all very nice people–very colorful and quirky. I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this. Haha

    Nasty neighbors are terrible and not at all fun when you happen to live next door to them, I know. Even with our chuckles here and there, it isn’t that we don’t sympathize–we most certainly do. You just have a great way with words. 🙂 Mr. Manners sounds downright awful. What a tortured soul he must have. I wonder what his story is. I most certainly feel bad for his wife and child. I can only imagine how controlling and mean he is towards them if he can be so publicly vile to his neighbors.

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. I can totally relate to your neighbor horror story. The house next door to us (literally just three feet away) has been a rental property for the past 15 years and we’ve had some “interesting” neighbors. There were the folks who let their German Shepherd run wild and she eventually ended up biting my mother, the kid who shot one of my cats with a BB gun (didn’t find out about this until we took the cat in for an X-ray for something else) and shot a hole in the radiator of my mother’s car (that we actually saw him do), the kids who used to throw rocks at me — in full view of their parents who were LAUGHING about it — while I was on our riding lawnmower, the college age guys who used to get drunk and set off fireworks at 3 AM… The folks living there now are all right mostly. They’re not very friendly, but they aren’t hostile either. Poor Maggie. At her age, I would have screamed and run away if any of our old neighbors came to door, too!

    I’m very sorry about your grandmother. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers this week.

  5. Oh my gosh, your neighbors sound horrible, but at least they give you some interesting stories to tell 🙂 Our neighbors are good people … but we also have a very high fence (for our dogs) which helps alot!

    So sorry to hear about your Grandmother, remember that tears and sadness are a sign of the strength of our love.

  6. Alishya – I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope you can manage the week! It might help to have a house full of people (if you can keep your brother away from the computer 🙂 )

  7. Sending up prayers for you and your family — I’m sorry for the loss of your grandmother. 😦

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