Tuesday Thingers -LT Authors

Today’s topic: LibraryThing authors. Who are your LibraryThing authors? What books of theirs do you have? Do you ever comment on an author’s LT page? Have you received any comments from an author on your LT account?

This is an interesting question on a topic I rarely think about. LT Authors have a wonderful opportunity to reach readers, though I don’t think they take advantage of it. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a message from the author him/herself, but I have gotten a comment from the publisher on the book Firefly Rain. It’s possible they might use the Author/fan thing more if it could be done in a bulletin-fashion like myspace; if they could write one message then click send all and have it post to all those LT’ers who have fav’d them. As to my commenting on the Author’s page, I think I may have once or twice but I’m not sure.

My LT Authors are:
Dave Boling and I have his book Guernica, which I have yet to read.

Richard Dansky and I read and enjoyed his book Firefly Rain, which has been mooched away.

Joe Hill and I have his book Heart-Shaped Box, which is deep in the bowels of Mt. TBR. Point of trivia on Joe Hill: he’s Stephen King’s son 😉

Penelope Przekop and I have her book Aberrations, which I have yet to read.

Marisa de los Santos and I have her book Love Walked In. This book is located somewhere in Mt. TBR, and I didn’t recognize her name until I saw the book title.

C. Comfort Shields. This is an good example of how Mt. tbARC is kicking my butt. I have her book Surviving Ben’s Suicide, and want to read it, but it just keeps getting buried deeper and deeper. Last week didn’t help my fight against that pile which is entirely excusable, but all the same, I wish I could read faster!

Mort Zachter and I have read and loved his book Dough: a memoir, which has been mooched away. I have left a comment on his LT member page.

As I don’t remember adding a few of these as my authors, it would seem that when an author signs up for LT or when you input a book written by an LT member, they are automatically listed as an LT Author on members who have their books.


16 Responses

  1. Boy, I’m impressed. I thought I was doing good with 2 authors. 😦

  2. I have 12 friends on LT now. 🙂

  3. They are added automatically–you don’t have to do a thing except catalog your books (smiley). I’m impressed with how many LT authors you have, too.

  4. Oh I’ll have to check this feature out.

  5. That’s a lot of authors! I completely agree that authors don’t take full advantage of the LT author system, and I wish more authors would sign up for LT. It’s a great way to reach us, and we certainly do a good job of spreading the word when a book deserves it.

  6. I think that is such a great point. We don’t review for the money, we review because we honestly enjoy reading. There have been so many times I’ve read a great but obscure book and wanted to get the word out, and blogging is a great way to do that.

    It is interesting to know that you automatically get connected to the authors…although that still doesn’t explain the Laura Parker Castoro mystery…

  7. I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on Aberrations when you read it. I really enjoyed it.

  8. I haven’t had any contact with authors through LT, although I have made connections through my blog or e-mail with both LT authors and non-LT authors. I think the formatting and ease of access does make a difference for authors who might want to reach out.

  9. I feel sort of guilty for not liking Guernica very much now that I know Dave Boling is a LT author. I wanted to like it! I’ll be looking forward to your review, in any case. =)

  10. OK, I definitely have to get on LibraryThing! Am wondering if anyone has commented on my books? I’ve just finished great, fun reads by Barbara Hambly, Barry Unsworth, and D.J. Taylor (more on my blog at http://cleasimon.blogspot.com) and I should go comment on their pages!!

  11. OK! I’ve signed up! Hope you folks will come say hi to me on Library Thing!

  12. I def have more authors then the last time I checked! I’m glad more and more keep joining!

  13. I have Guernica too, and a book by Marisa de los Santos, but they aren’t on my page because I usually only add books once I have actually read them.

  14. Well I’m sure glad to find out they get added automatically, there were a couple I couldn’t remember adding myself … lol.

  15. I’m so happy to have read Dough. It’s such a treat among memoirs. (And is it really being made into a movie?) I didn’t know he was an LT author till it popped up on this meme. Thanks!

  16. I really loved Joe Hill’s book!

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