Win a personalized, signed copy of Matrimony by Josh Henkin!

Okay… I have my review for this book written… BUT, my internet at home is out, so I’m forced to come to the library for a while. And the stupid computers here won’t convert my Works doc, so I have to go home and save it in a format it CAN use. >:-(

HOWEVER! I wanted to make sure to post the giveaway announcement!

Seriously, Matrimony by Josh Henkin is an amazing book. I will never part with my copy, and plan to reread it… again and again. It’s more than a great story with tangible characters, but it’s that kind of book that changes you and inspires you to action.

MATRIMONY was a New York Times Notable Book, and Josh has also been participating in a lot of book group discussions of MATRIMONY, so he’s available to participate in book group discussions.


Simply comment on this post for your official entry, then comment on the review (hopefully, I’ll be able to post it tomorrow) for a bonus entry. Blog and link this giveaway, then post the link here for a bonus 5 entries. So you have the chance to have 7 entries!

This contest is open to anyone, anywhere 🙂 Josh will send it worldwide 😀


9 Responses

  1. I’d love to win this! I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while now. Thanks! Can’t wait to read your review!

  2. Been watching for this book for a while but so far no dice in Ireland. Count me in for the draw! 🙂

  3. wow i’d love to win! i’ve heard so many great thigns about it!

  4. I found your review of joshua Henkin’s novel compelling. It makes me want to read the book myself. I feel this way because I have just published my own novel about a bizarre marital relationship. There is, however, an essential difference between my story and Joshua’s. In my novel titled “Getting Enough,” a middle-aged man and woman fall in love after 26 years of a disastrous marriage, plagued by all kinds of emotional and sexual problems. They work out a loving reconciliation against almost insurmountable odds. For more information, consult the following website:

  5. I’d love a chance to win this book.

  6. I would love to win this book. Thanks.

  7. Sign me up! Sign me up!

  8. I would like to be entered in the contest.

  9. very different sense if I could win this..thank u..

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