Read-a-Thon ~ Settling Back In


Okay… I’ve got the MP3 player resolved… still have room for ONE more song, but it’d prob take me 3 more hours to finish if I tried to find that ONE song.

My eyes are a little sticky and wanting to shut, and it’s 2:25 am here, which means I have 5 1/2 hours left in the 24-hour Read-a-Thon. I’m going to count song titles as reading :-p … lol.

Back to Marked. I’m on page 46. I’m baked, toasted and fried.


4 Responses

  1. You are a trooper. Try some eye drops, a little stretching and some orange juice. Kepp it up.

  2. oh! not baked, toasted and fried. You’re gonna have me sneaking in the fridge in a moment.

    Make some coffee. Take power nap < 1 hour. Then wash your face. Walk around. Run in place, swing those arms, swill some coffee and have fun!

  3. If your reading the song titles, that should count! I see from your last post you still have a sence of humour. (warped as it may be.) LOL!

    I hope you are enjoying the read-a-thon! Way to go!

  4. Hang in there! I just turned on some “pump-up” music too.

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