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Okay, so I’ve decided to give in and join Beth Fish Read’s The Sookie Stackhouse Challenge.  It would seem that I’m going to buy the books anyway… lol, even though I told myself I wanted to wait to see if I LIKED the first book first, I went ahead and bought the second book.  So I’ll “goat head” as my mom always said,  and join the challenge.  There doesn’t seem to be any specific number for this challenge other than to read the books, so for now, I’ll just start off with the two on Mt. TBR.



  1. Dead Until Dark  
  2. Living Dead in Dallas

I’ve also got True Bloodseason 1 in my Netflix queue, but I’m waiting to read the first book before getting them.  I may be a little late to this ball, but I wanted to be sure.  Funny, I’ve gone from scairt to join any challenges to being in five?  Does the CDC know how contagious reading challenges are?  What are they doing to help the victims?  😀

manga challenge smallAnd, I found a Manga Challenge at Rhinoa’s Ramblings… Yay!  LOL.. Now, if you told me this time last year that, not only would Ibe reading manga, but that I’d be joining a whole challenge devoted to it, I would’ve quit reading altogether.  Funny how you can change in just a year. 

The challenge is simple, just read 6 mangas in 2009.  I don’t know if graphic novels are included in that, but since it’s a manga challenge, I’ll just stick with them.  My list for the challenge is:

  1. Fruits Basket, volume 1by Natsuki Takaya ~ I’m almost done with it already, and I have volumes 2-5 coming in the mail.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and it seems the only book I can focus on right now,  so if I’m not careful, I’ll end up just reading them and ignoring all the rest of the books I’m suppose to read.
  2. Death Note, volume 1by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata
  3. Psychic Academy, volume 1by Katsu Aki
  4. Naruto, volume 1by Masashi Kishimoto
  5. Vampire Hunter D, volume 1by Hideyuki Kikuchi and Yoshitaka Amano, which is still in the mail, but should be here today or tomorrow.
  6. Cowboy Bebop, volume 1by Yutaka Nanten, et al.  It’s not been mailed yet, and I’d actually requested it once before from PBS, but the person never sent it.  So we’ll see if it gets here this time. 

I chuckled at the writing on the cover of Cowboy Bebop, “Done the Right (to left) Way!”  The one obstacle for Mags reading it on her own is the right-to-left, top-down, way you have to read it.  She’s making me read Fruits Baskets out loud to her.  AND I’ll be sooooooo glad to finally get through the mangas PAST the anime series.  Every other page she gripes how the show is better and the book’s inferior.  Bah!  I’ve been secretly reading ahead of her so I can enjoy it… shh, don’t tell!  I actually like the book better than the show, though, I admit, I read it with the voices from the show (and do the voices when reading it to her).

Let’s see… what else….  Oh, I just got an email the publisher that I’ll be getting my copy of Undiscovered Gyrl, and I’m sooooo excited for that!  I’ll probably just drop everything and read it as soon as the packaging is ripped from it.  I don’t get this excited for specific books very often, the last one I read straight from the envelope was Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank!  Hopefully I’m not looking forward to it too much and the only way for it to go is down…

And now, some random things from my digital camera:

These are my gorgeous girls:  Gwen, 15, on the left, Maggie, 10, in the middle, and Sammi, 16, on the right
These are my gorgeous girls: Gwen, 15, on the left, Maggie, 10, in the middle, and Sammi, 16, on the right


Demure little Missy.  How could you ever say NO to that face :-)
Demure little Missy. How could you ever say NO to that face 🙂

 and whether it’s the new computer, windows vista or IE 7, there are a few things that just aggravate the crap out of me.  For instance, those two pictures were a trial of patience to get them there.  It doesn’t want to let me SEE what I’m doing in HTML mode, it keeps flipping back to the top.  Some of the blogs won’t stay open for me to leave comments, usually the blogspot ones with the comment box embedded, so I’ve missed commenting on a couple, it seems to do it most to My Friend Amy‘s site.  And it seems to have an issue with doing the open IDs.  I keep having to re-enter “thekoolaidmom” in, until it finally decides publish.  Is this something IE7 related?  *growling sigh of frustration*


12 Responses

  1. Your mom must be related to my husband – he says “goat head” too. Good luck with the challenges – I’m doing the Sookie challenge too. I love the photos!

  2. Good luck with the challenges– I’m trying hard not to get sucked in, but joined the Austen one anyway…

    There’s something about the look of your 10 year old that makes me think she and my 11 yo would be friends if they ever met :-). All 3 girls are beautiful.

  3. Laura, you are probably right 🙂 Mags has always been a friendly girl and makes friends everywhere she goes.

    I just got Vampire D today and, as it turns out, it’s not a manga. But I also got the second Fruits Basket today, which can take the other’s place.

  4. Naruto is a kick ass Manga. Shounen is my favorite type of Manga. I vaguely remember reading (And watching) the others. Do you watch the original Japanese anime or the English dubbed ones?

    Once you get used to Manga it is REALLY hard to read western comics especially straight after a Manga sitting. It will come naturally soon enough.

    I read a lot of my Manga online. Check out this website (there are heaps of others)

    Which reminds me I have to catch on Mahou Sensie Negima. Which is really cute an funny I would recommend it!

  5. So glad you got “sucked” into the Sookie challenge!

  6. My housemate got me hooked on True Blood – it’s SO good – and now I’m eyeing the 7-book box set for like $30 at Amazon… and then my eye cuts over to my already-enormous TBR pile… and then back to Amazon…

  7. I’m so glad you joined the Sookie Stackhouse challenge! I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you love the books. =)

    I’ve heard lately that IE7 has trouble with some blogs. If you try other browsers, they might help with the problem! So far the best IMO is Google Chrome; much as Google is taking over the world, their browser has made my computer (also Vista) operate much more smoothly.

  8. The problems that i and several customers have had with IE8 security is ridculous, I have given up trying to adapt it to various different machines. Therefore firefox is the easy fix.

  9. I can’t see the pics, blocked at work 😦
    True Blood is just premiering in India this month and I’m excited to watch it 🙂
    All the best with the challenge. Hope you like all the books.

    IE has way too many problems, I shifted to Firefox long back and haven’t had any problems since.

  10. I just love the photos and yipee another sookie stackhouse challenge groupie!

  11. All the girls are beautiful, including Missy – what eyes! I could never say no!

  12. Now that you are so excited about getting your copy of my book Undiscovered Gyrl, I am dying to know if it lived up to your expectations!

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