Bloggiesta Progress Update #4

started at 7pm today


Well, it’s been a busy day away from Bloggiesta today.  Mags and I went to eat at her favorite restaurant, The White House.  We read a bit of Fruits Basket volume 5, then went to the library for their showing of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  It was a cute enough movie, but I wanted to leave more than once.  It’s just… IDK… childish? annoying?  I did, however, love the monkey, Steve, as well as the police officer who I think was voiced by Mr. T.  I had to laugh when I said, “Hey, that’s Mr. T!” and Maggie said, “Who?”  I remember a time when the answer would have been to either do my best “I pity da foo'”, or say “B.A. Baracus”, however today my answer was, “You know, the Night Elf Mohawk.”  Ooh, yeah… lol.  I picked up some books for The Welsh Reading Challenge, too, and then we were off to the grocery store for the ingredients for Taco Casserole, which I ended up NOT making because I was too dang tired.  We stopped at Hardee’s for an industrial sized cup of coffee for me and a hot chocolate for Mags.  We sat there and finished Fruits Basket, for which I’ll write a review and schedule it for later.

I’m hoping to manage to get at least 3 more mini-challenges done tonight before going to bed, and then hopefully finish them all tomorrow. 

AND I just realized the mini-challenges I did yesterday were from last Bloggiesta, but it’s all good.  I needed to do them, anyway.  I still want to get through them, too, but that doubles the amount of challenges… not sure I’ll get them all done in that case 🙂

So first challenge tonight at Emily’s Reading Room.  It’s about setting up Google Alerts to keep track of trends in searching for topics to do with your blog.  Personally, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do for me, so I set up a couple with “The Kool-Aid Mom, thekoolaidmom, In the Shadow of Mt. TBR, Mt. TBR, and Welsh Reading Challenge”.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens.  According to @pussreboots and @bookladysblog, it also lets you know when the phrases you put in the alert are mentioned on the web, whether they link to you or not.

Next, I went to Books, movies, and Chinese Food‘s mini-challenge to create an elevator pitch for my blog.  Here’s what I came up with: 

In the Shadow of Mt. TBR is a fun and informative blog where The Kool-Aid Mom reviews books, posts humorous memes, occasionally rants, and has fits of ADD randomness.  Come on over and sit a spell in the shade, have a good laugh and contiue on your Web-browsing journey feeling refreshed!

Was kinda tough to write, but I’ll be surprised if I ever remember it when someone asks about my blog… lol.

For my third challenge this evening, I went to The Book Lady’s Blog Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Set Goals for 2010.  Rebecca has sooo many great ideas there, and my main goals that I’ve set for myself this year are:

  • Get back to posting daily, whether a review, meme, or random post.  I had gotten distracted by playing the computer games, and got out of the habit.
  • I plan to make a monthly reading plan and sticking to it.  I made one for January, but I’m already starting to whine and want to cheat… there’s just SoOoOOoo many good books out there!  But I really WANT to make the ARC-alanche pile disappear, so I’m staying with it.

Okay, so now I’m onto my fourth mini-challenge and that’s with’s Bloggiesta Mini Challenge:  Footers.  I caught some chatter about this one on Twitter last night and wanted to make sure I got it done.  To be honest, I’ve never done anything copyright related, so this is a completely new thing for me.

*tick-tock… time passes… spring, summer, fall, winter…I now have a headache…*  I don’t know how to do this stuff.  It looks like I have to pay for the copyright thing, and I can’t figure out how to do a footer.  I’ve looked all up and down the control panel in my dashboard, and I can’t find a thing to do a footer.  I can’t figure out how or where the plug-ing for it is, and even if I could, I think I tried to do some WP plug-in once before and found out I had to upgrade my account to use them.

I give up… I think I’ll go lie down and watched Stargate for a while.

***edit*** I added a Copyright widget, so I got it worked out.  I’m gonna do the feedburner, too.


5 Responses

  1. Yay to another day of Bloggiesta. I haven’t figured out my copyright thing yet so I still need to do that. I like your elevator pitch and hope you can remember it.

    Did you watch a good episode of Stargate? Gotta love Jack!

    • We’re all the way up to season 9 of Stargate, so Jack’s not a member of SG-1 any more, Boohoo! 😦 I think it’s a different writer than the previous seasons, or something, because it just doesn’t feel the same. We’re also watching Atlantis now, and are just finishing up season 1.� I’ve been taking a disc of each from Netflix since season 8 of SG-1 when Atlantis began, chronologically. I guess there are 4 seasons of Atlantis, so I’ll be watching it after we finish SG-1, which had 10 seasons, plus the features. 😀 LOL, I’m a syfy dork, if you didn’t know yet…. I love Firefly and Serenity, too, which is probably a big reason why I like the new V series, since it has Wash and Inara in it 🙂

      Have fun bloggin’!

  2. You’ve been rockin’ with Bloggiesta! I get all kinds of crazy links with Google Alerts – some I can’t figure out why, but, oh well.

  3. Yes for us WP hosted blogs (and not those self-hosted blogs that use WP templates?!? – so confusing) I don’t think we have footers. I also have a copyright in a sidebar widget but don’t think that gets into any posts that are swiped illegally. So my soln if/when I bother is to add the line to every post I write. What a pain!
    I don’t like when my alerts tell me someone has linked and yet I can’t find when I visit. GGgrrrrr – but hardly a big deal, really.
    HOW do you do feedburner stuff? I cannot get my head around the concept for some reason. WHEN you figure it out, will you tell me exactly what you did? Will you be my blogging buddy? 😛 – just don’t expect me to *KNOW* anything and maybe we can figure out this stuff together. I do want a bud that is also (constrained by) with WP.

    • I have considered paying the $10 for my own domain through wordpress, then I could use my own custom CSS template. There are so many fantastic ones out there, but you have to upgrade to use them. The ones WP gives you… all 78 of them.. aren’t that great. Maybe I’ll just take the plunge and pay for it.

      And while I’m at that, pay for the copyright protection and then put that in the footer.

      sounds expensive… not to mention a bit narcissitic, like people are lurking to rip off my blog, I’m just that good… lol

      It’s been a while since I set up the RSS feed, but I think if you click on the icon, you can navigate the page to set your own feed URL and then you can get the code and can post it in a sidebar. I used the feedburner URL to put in the Twtterfeed thing. BUT then I found out you can set your WP blog to automatically post to twitter and yahoo updates. And then I have it set up on Network Blogs to post directly to facebook, too. It’s all a confusing mess… lol.

      AND sure, I’d love to be your blogging buddy 🙂 We can figger it all out together 😀

      Oh, and I just learned, that if you reply to a comment in your email, it posts your reply on your blog… Woops! Glad I didn’t respond with anything too personal, just a bunch of “I’m a syfy geek” stuff.

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