Bloggiesta Progress Update #5

PedroOkay, I’m having a spastic moment.  There’s some weird smell somewhere in the house that smells like maple syrup, hot dogs and Fat Bastard.  I took out the overflowing trash can in the kitchen, which was a challenge.  I had to put a black trash bag over can and turn it over… then sweep up everything that had fallen out.  JOY!  But I’m still smelling it.  Maybe I need a shower?  And now I’m getting  a bit of a headache and SOMEONE has run off with the Ibuprofen. Grrrr….

Oh, and I forgot to eat today, so now I’m in that “Whoever gets in between me and the TWINKIES will DIE!” hunger mode.  And I don’t even LIKE Twinkies!  LOL, but I did love Zombieland.

So I’m just a bit ADD at the moment, and was going through my starred stuff in my Google Reader.  Some of those posts I can’t even remember WHY I starred them.  Some of them were for challenges and to bookmark them so I could blog about it, but then I forgot to unstar them.  But one of them was a fun distraction:

Just for fun: stress test

Dawn at She’s Too Fond of Books had posted Just for fun: stress test last June, a time of year when one kid was gone to Dad’s, another was in summer school, and the third was spending all day outside with her friends.  So it was a LOT less stressful then that it was a few minutes ago when I looked at the not-moving, but “Hey, they ARE moving!” pics.

Apparently, the pictures are suppose to gage your stress level.  The more stressed out you are, the faster the images “move”.  They are, of course, NOT moving.  It’s only an illusion.  But the funny thing for me was how much faster they seemed to be going today than six or so months ago.  That one on the bottom is waving like a flag in a hurricane for me!

So how did you fair with them?  What’s your stress level?


4 Responses

  1. I love this! I did pretty well on the stress test. The pictures are barely moving for me. They’re not moving at all according to my mom.

  2. My stress level is pretty high- I have a job interview tomorrow for a job I really want and I’ve been having dreams about missing my train, etc. Oy! This time tomorrow, it will all be over! 🙂

  3. Glad you’re on a roll with #bloggiesta! I had productive days Fri and Sat, but today was a wash … busy with family stuff.

    I think this is a great stress test 🙂 The Museum of Science has a hall (literally, a corridor) full of optical illustion; they’re one of my favorite things to visit. Can you ‘see’ those pictures with the image that pops out if you stare at it just right (all the rage about 15 years ago)

    • I’ve never been able to do those optical illusion pictures. Partly because I just can’t sit still long enough to just stare into the oblivion just on the other side of the paper. On the occasion that they do pop up, it doesn’t last long or they’re not that great. I used to have one of those coffee table books full of them. Used to piss me off that everyone could see them and I couldn’t, which may be why I don’t have it anymore 😉

      Yesterday was my family day, and today I had to do dishes and clean the kitchen so I could make dinner. But I’m happy with what all I’ve gotten done, and I have more to do, still.

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