Weird Things From Google Alerts

Okay, I was listening to Natasha on That’s How I Blog! when my connection, or blog talk’s, not sure, crapped out.  I was going to have to listen to it a second time anyway, since the kids decided to have a screaming match and wanted me to referee.  NOW, now that I’m NOT listening… they’re angels.  Better not type too loud, they’ll be in here fighting and fussing and chasing me off the computer!


So, during Bloggiesta, there was a mini-challenge about setting up the Google alerts.  I set up about 4 or 5, and then I get an email once a day with detailed web traffic that used the terms I put in.  So far, most of them link back to either my posts, comments or tweets.  Or they simply link to posts that happened to contain all the words, but not together. “Reading the other team’s stats, the Welsh rugby team has a challenge ahead of them!” has Welsh, Reading, and Challenge, but has NOTHING to do with the Welsh Reading Challenge.  Silver lining, I suppose, I’m learning a LOT about rugby… lol

But once in a while, it turns up a treasure.  There’s a blog out there named Scaling Mt. TBR and I felt an immediate kinship.  She reads a lot of historical romances and not as many books as I, but we rode the same wavelength.  She even has a Mountain pic in her header, like I do, but hers is massive and snowy and intimidating.  I like my green and trees and lake with the mountain.  There’s LIFE around my books.  I like her pic, too, but I like mine better 😉

I’ve also discovered the Welsh Reading Challenge is sponsoring the Left Coast Eisteddfod.  It’s posted on the Hiraeth page, as well as being in a widget, but I didn’t think of it as sponsoring, since I didn’t give money.  I thought I was only spreading the word.  I do support the event, and would go if I could.

Then there’s Wuthering Expectations.  I had to laugh when I read this:

As a side note, see here for the brand new Welsh Reading Challenge.  Now we just need an Irish challenge, and a Jersey and Guernsey challenge, a Cornish challenge, an East Anglian challenge, etc., etc.

I commented that actually, if we just went with Celtic Reading Challenge, it’d take in Irish, Scottish and Welsh, and the rest didn’t matter anyway 😀  I think Care said she’d like a Celtic one, too, so it’d work out.  I want to read Anam Cara (suggested by a good friend), and I could do that with a Celtic challenge.  Ah well, next year…  By the way, Amateur Reader at Wuthering Expectations is hosting a Scottish Literature Reading Challenge, but I don’t completely understand the instructions.  I do know this, though:  If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!

So, do you use Google alerts?  Anything interesting come up for you?  Have you ever discovered you were linked somewhere and didn’t know it?  Was it a good or bad thing?


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  1. My google alerts sucks. It’s only ever told me about my own posts even though I have found my blog linked other places. It always makes me wonder where else I’ve been mentioned or linked that I don’t know about.

  2. Most it’s my own website. But I do find out who is linking to me- particularly authors.

  3. I’m a wordy devil. Shorter version:
    1. You read a Scottish book (pre-1914, etc).
    2. I’ll read it too.

    Then we’ve both read it, so we can – well, we’ll have to see. Discuss it, I hope.

    I actually found this post via Google Alerts, moments ago, but it would have showed up in my Reader eventually.

  4. I use google alert for my last name, which is unusual and for my blog name!

    • I used to google my name a lot, but there’s some softball teen-sensation in Oregon with the same name and spelling, and I end up feeling like a 30-something fat failure when I read it, so I quit. lol.

  5. I do use Google Alerts, but most of the time I can’t even figure out why a link was sent to me. Every once in a while, I find it useful, but most of the time, I don’t.

  6. I use Google Alerts. Mostly it shows me RTT posts but once it gave me the link to someone who had sang my praises (someone whose blog I read but not terribly regularly, so I probably would have missed it).

    Sometimes, though, it gives me a 3-week old tweet of my own or something. Um, why?

    • I know, right? It’s like, “Dang, did that just finally filter through or something?” It is cool when you find something that is a glow about you. It’s like watching the kids play when they don’t know you’re watching.

  7. ROFL.. had to share one from tonight:

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    Yay Steve!

    • and then, gotta LOVE this:

      Here comes the Kool-Aid Mom! She’s all sweet smile and tidy clothes, calling cheerful children from the corners of the yard with a bell-like voice and tray of sweating, jewel-toned glasses.

      Oh, my! IF ONLY! That’s the fantasy and wished-for thing that I picked the name for. But the reality is more, “Here comes The Kool-Aid Mom! She’s all sweaty, scowling and in slept in clothes, shrieking explatives from the bottom of the stairs with the shrill-like voice of a harpy for her children to clean up their mismatched fast-food tumblers of spilled-out generic crystal light from the living room floor.”

      That sounds about right. 😉

  8. Boy you have some good ones! I’ve only used Google alerts for a few months and when i remember to check them out they don’t amount to a whole lot. Sometimes they are my links to my own posts (but not to all of them, why is that?) but I have found a couple of important links that I may have missed otherwise.

    I do get some for a soccer player from another country nicknamed Wrighty who is apparently a big star although I’ve never heard of him. They aren’t nearly as interesting as any of yours though!

  9. I’ve used google alerts for my own blog name, and usually it is just posts from my blog 😛 If you want to stop learning things about rugby, you could probably put “Welsh Reading Challenge” and just get places with that exact phrase in your search ^_^

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