TSS ~ Blindfold the Groundhog! I’m Protesting Winter!

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Okay, so I’ve had just about enough of this wispy white and cold crap.  I’m not fond of having my breath stolen from my lungs because it’s so cold it’s painful to breathe in at all.  Maybe if I just hibernate for the rest of the winter?  Gah!  I’d still have to go out to get groceries.  Oh, well… I guess it’s either run away to Florida or just suck it up.  Since I don’t have the money for a road trip, I guess that means I’m in for the sucking part.

So, January was a fairly productive reading month.  I finished off eight books, and am about half way through two others.  Since just having year-long goals only made me quick to start and race to the finish, while dropping off the face of the reading world the other five or so months, I decided to post monthly plans to keep me accountable 🙂

I was surprised I hit 8 last month, but I need to get that every month if I’m going to accomplish all the challenges I’ve signed up for.  There were two books I had planned to read in January that I didn’t get to, so they go on the top of the list.  Also I have  a blog tour book, so that goes to the top, too.  And I’m doing the Lord of the Rings Readalong, so The Fellowship of the Rings is a topper, too.  LOL, heck, they’re all top books!

Currently Reading:

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl ~ I’m reading it with Magggie, and we’re on page 30.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore ~ Really, I’d only picked this one up because Fire is on my ARC-alanche pile, but I’m completely wowwed by this YA fantasy book!  I only wish I’d read it sooner!

Planed Reading:

The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green by Terra Wellington ~ This is one of the two I’d meant to get to in January.  It was won in the March 2009 ER batch, so I’m needing to get it done this month.

Holy Roller by Julie Lyons ~ The second overdue ER book, I think it’s also a March 2009.

Tainted by Brooke Morgan ~ I’m down for February 24th for the TLC Book Blog tour.  I’m looking forward to reading this one, it sounds intriguing.

The Triumph of Deborah by Eva Etzioni-Halevy ~ I have a second book for a giveaway for this one 🙂

Strange but True, America by John Hafnor ~ I also have a second book to giveaway on this fun book 😉

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkein ~ I’ll probably space this out all month so I can both enjoy it to the most, as well as get it done while reading everything else.


I also intend to keep up on my Google Reader.  I’ve done really well at keeping it under 100, which I was feeling panicky about that much until Jen and Natasha were laughing at me and wanting to get theirs below 1000.  Okay, I’ll stop stressing because there’s 20 still sitting in my reader… lol.  And I’m trying to post something everyday.  I only missed 3 days in January, and if I can get a few rainy day posts in the can, I should be able to have one everyday.  I’ve been thinking about doing some mini-reviews of books I read before blogging. 

So what kinds of post would you like me to do?  Does anyone miss Viral Video Wednesday?  What are you planning to read in February?


6 Responses

  1. Hibernating for the winter sounds like a good idea. Lock yourself in the house with a few good books, make sure your all stocked up on food , a fire in the fire place . . .

    I saw Tainted in the store the other day and was eying it. I look forward to reading your review for the tour.

    My husband was complaining about the sudden explosion in his Google Reader this weekend–18 posts! I had to bite my tongue from laughing. I wish! Haha

    I hope you have a great week, Alisha. Hopefully February will be a terrific reading month for us all.

  2. I know all about that dropping off the face of the world reading-wise, as I’m only coming back on the radar (at least, I hope a little bit by some, including yourself).

    As for goals, though, I’m not setting myself up for a fall. 🙂 I’ll just say I have too many books in the desk on my office from the library, where I’m working part-time, and more on my shelves that I promised I’d put a dent in last year but didn’t.

    Viral Video Wednesday: Why not bring it back? I know that I enjoyed it when you did have it.

    Well, off to read some more posts from Saloners this Sunday…and, oh, actually read, something I haven’t done much of this this past month.

    • LOL… I know I’m glad to have you back on the radar. I hadn’t made the whole unfinished person and rambler blog switch in my reader, so I only ever heard from you in the cross-over posts… which I fix during Bloggiesta. I’m still trying to process Elvis as your janitor 😀

      I decided to put aside Viral Video Wednesday at the beginning of the year because 1) I wasn’t being very good at doing the weekly thing at the time, and 2) I was spending all my time surfing YouTube instead of reading 😉 I thought I’d just make it an occasional special when I’d saved up enough videos to do one. Which, with GLEE watching, may be soon 😉

      I know all about the books all over the desk, btw…. and the dresser… the dining room table… One of the new bookcases was parked over the heating vent, JUST FOR A MINUTE! and is full of books. Who put them there? Oh, wait.. that was me, wasn’t it… *sheepish grin*

  3. I was tired of winter before it even started! I’m like you with my Reader – I have to keep it under control!

  4. February looks to be totally insane. (How can that be, you might ask…Christmas is over so what is going on?) I know, I know, it’s wacky, but my February appears to loom ahead as the most busy month of the year. (Must slow down…repeat, please…Must…)

  5. I’m feeling like I have too many books that need to be on the top of the to-read list, too! I do need to read James and the Giant Peach for the You’ve Got Mail Challenge. Maybe I’ll move that to the top of the list, too, so I can at least read one thing quickly!

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