Snow, Pain, and Birthdays

This week has been a poop-fest with the sky having diarrhea and dumping the white poo all over the place.  I guess I can’t complain too-too much, at least I’m not on the east coast.  I’ve only got 14 or so inches here, they’re getting almost 3 foot before it’s all done.  But 14 inches is enought to cause 2 days of no-school and, so far, a delay this morning.  So with the chil’uns at home, I can’t read, can’t think, and my computer is not my own. 

Ah, and I’m still depressed over the not-so-Superbowl let down.  Honestly, I’m more depressed about the commercials than anything.  Seriously, if that’s the best they could come up with, what’s the future going to hold?  Is there anything left to live for?  Maybe I should look at the whole end-of-the-world-in-2012 stuff with hope, rather than scoffing at it.  Yay, Indianapolis will host the last Superbowl in history (it’s the host city in 2012).  Maybe that’s what will cause the end of the world.  I’ll prognosticate that the Cubs will win the 2012 Series, too.  Rosie O’Donnell will marry the Donald by Thanksgiving of 2012.  And the Democrats and the Republicans will shake hands, set aside all differences and plan for true bipartisanship as they look ahead to the first woman president (oh, let’s just say Sarah Palin, that’ll give everyone some fun) being sworn in in the coming January, 2013.  Of course the world would end in 2012.

Oh, the malaise goes deeper.  Mags came home sick on Monday and finally started feeling better yesterday.  At least with the snow days she’s not been counted absent.  And then Tuesday evening I started feeling an infection setting in in a broken lower tooth.  OMG, I’m looking forward to getting my insurance issues settled out so I can take care of that, but in the meantime I’m using some antibiotics that my oldest daughter had been prescribed last year (the doc switched her to a different antibiotic after a day, so it’s a full bottle).  Lower teeth pain is about the worst, I think.  There’s just no where for the stuff to go, so it causes ear ache, jaw-hinge pain, and sore throat.  And I just want to die.

Seems an apprapo feeling given the day.  Perfect timing, I must say.  It was on this day, 11 years ago, that I had the same “I wanna die” feeling caused by pain… just before they slipped in the epidural.  Yes, on February 11, 1999, Booger made her way into the world.  And the school system has given her a “go ahead and sleep in” birthday present.  Oh, for the days of cupcakes, but apparently “healthy foods” rules now prohibit parents bringing in good-treats for their kids to celebrate their special days with their classmates.  I could buy pre-packaged snack cakes and bring them, they have to wait until they get home to eat them, but why?  It sucks the fun out of taking a break from your work, wishing Maggie Happy Birthday, and sinking their teeth into a lovely sugary-cake treat, before going back to work.  I’m glad I’m not a kid, they have it hard nowadays.  I remember when we didn’t take ourselves so seriously.

Oh well, hopefully I can get back into the groove soon.


9 Responses

  1. Stay warm and safe!

  2. Hugs…I SO understand your mood, ma’am…so much!
    Today I’m bouncing, though, because we.have.SUNSHINE!! WHOOT!!
    I plan to sit on the couch in a patch o’ the fantastic yellow warm glowy stuff and read…and read…

    Hope your day has some sunshine…literally and/or figuratively!


  3. I’m in NJ. We are still digging out. Worst, is that it is supposed to snow again on Monday night. They aren’t telling us how much. I think they think people will flip.

  4. Happy birthday to Maggie! I hope she is feeling better and can enjoy it! I agree that not being able to bring sugar-filled treats for your birthday does take all the fun out of it. (Our school dictates no cupcakes because no one actually eats the cake. ) I hope YOU feel better soon too. Tooth pain just plain sucks.

  5. I have to say that I am really please that New York got off with very little snow comparatively. No idea what the totals were but I don’t think we got 8 inches.

  6. Happy Birthday to the Kid!

  7. Winter blues! It’ll soon be spring.

  8. Uggghhh…. I am in Minnesota so feel your snow pain. We havent been hit too bad this year but I am beyond ready for it to be over.

    Hope you have a better week. 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday to Maggie! yeah, the super bowl blew chunks and the commercial were terrible! oh well, it only comes once a year- and it’s usually better, LOL! 🙂 thanks for your awesome birthday wishes to me on facebook, totally made my day! 🙂

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