The Sunday Salon – I must be Noah, ‘cuz I’ve got the ARC!

The Sunday

Okay, get me two zebras, two hippos, two lemurs, two unicorns… ‘Cuz I gotta load of ARCs!

I’ve had to pause the Jane-a-thon and get busy reading the ARCs and Reviewer books I’m committed ot reviewing. Since I just finished Nam Le’s The Boat this morning, review here, I have 13 more to go. I also have more coming in the mail. So this week is ARC week! Here is the list and order I have planned:

Dough: A Memoir by Mort Zachter This is for Harper Collins First Look. I’ve already read the first three chapters and like it so far. Zachter is Jewish, and I’ve always loved the Jewish writer’s voice. I haven’t read any for a while, so this is fun.

The White Mary by Kira Salak I got an email from the publisher this week reminding me to review it. I guess that means NOW! 😀

The Aviary Gate by Katie Hickman I’ve had this for a month and a half, and it’s release date was in June, so I need to get it read.

The Spirit of the Place by Samuel Shem Woo-hoo! Another Jewish author. 😀

I, robot by Howard S. Smith I’ve never read Asimov’s and I wanted to before reading this one, but I might not have the time.

Aberrations by Penelope Przekop Interesting premise and good reviews, also, Przekop has an interesting blog.

Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi another ARC I’ve had for a while. I need to get to it fast.

Red Letters by Tom Davis Tom Davis is one of the duo of Travel the Road, a missionary-adventure series. It’s a really cool show to watch, and I kinda need some inspiring.

The Art of Listening Prayer by Seth Barnes The second of the Travel the Road duo.

The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti I’ve heard good reviews of this, and it seems to have a bit of an Oliver Twist quality to it from the summary. Plus, the author(ess)’s name is a palindrome! 😀

One More Year by Sana Krasikov I honestly don’t remember requesting this one, but, since it came in the mail, I must have. It’ll be interesting to read it completely blind… to the plot I mean, not physically blind… I’m illiterate in Braille.

The Power Makers by Maury Klein a tome-ish book about the history of the men behind the industrial movement.

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher by Kate Summerscale I’m excited to read this one. I like Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and other detective stories.

So that’s my ARC stack. I’m afraid I’ll have to send my library stack back unattacked. Six lovely Jonathan Carrolls.. *sniff* I guess I can recheck them when Mt. TBR recedes some. I’ve joined Fyrefly in a Mt. TBR Challenge. No more than one book in for each three that go out. And it’s not like the Carrolls are just going to disappear, right? There just 6 blocks away on a library shelf, right??

This week I started My First Ever Giveaway!! I’m giving away a $20 Borders gift card, details and entry here. Just to update and give news, so far I’ve receive 294 entries. I will add a $10 gift card at 400, and $5 at 500. If I get more than that I’ll probably add another prize.

I was totally shocked and unprepared for the response! The first day of the contest I had almost 400 views. I’m sure to hit 2000 views before the day’s over, and my blog is 26 days old. Thanks for the encouragement! To put this into perspective: I’ve gotten 3067 views on my 16 month od MySpace blog. That’s a big difference!!