Past Awards

I’ve decided to retire awards received in 2008 and 2009 from the side bar, but I didn’t want to retire them completely, so I made this page 🙂  Any award received in 2010 will be added here, as well as go into my sidebar, and then be retired at the start of 2011 🙂

You love me! You REALLY love me! Thank you Swapna at S.Krishna and Readerville for the double nomination! I enjoy blogging and write to please myself… if you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a kind of corny/weird/goofy sense of humor… and it’s great to know other people enjoy it, too. It’s a great compliment, and I’m honored. Thanks!

Zombie Chickens couldn't keep me away!  Mt. TBR is the recipient of a prestigious award for excellent content, highly-intelligent writing, and a special gift for sarcasm. That, or I just like to fill my Friday Fill-Ins with the weirdest, off-the-wall, funny things I can think of.

Either way, high-quality content or goofiness, thank you, Wrighty Reads 🙂

Premio Dardos Award “This award is for bloggers who distinguish themselves for showing cultural values, ethics, great and fun writing skills, as well individual values, through their creative writing.”  Thanks Blodeuedd 🙂

Literary Blogger Award I’d like to say THANKS! to texasheartland of Texas Banter Book Reviews for giving me this lovely award!

Angel on My Blog Award “Isn’t it the perfect setting for curling up with a good book?

The Literary Blogger Award acknowledges bloggers who energize & inspire reading by going the extra mile. These amazing bloggers make reading fun & enhance the delight of reading!”

Thanks, WrightyReads!


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