The Reader’s Bill of Rights


The right to not read
The right to skip pages
The right to not finish
The right to reread
The right to read anything
The right to escapism
The right to read anywhere
The right to browse
The right to read out loud
The right to not defend your tastes

Bibliotopia by Steven Gilbar


8 Responses

  1. I love these!

  2. cool list. I like the right to reread – I use that one all the time. but it’s also nice to remember that I don’t have to finish bad books. There’s too many good ones out there to waste my time.

  3. I love these Reader’s Bill Of Rights! I am getting better about not finishing a book if it bores me but occasionally I still feel like I have to explain why Pride and Prejudice isn’t on my reading list ,LOL.

  4. I love this! Thank you!

  5. The right to split infinitives.

  6. I love this!

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