TSS ~ (not so) Super Bowl Sunday

Sigh.  Double Sigh.  Yay saints.  Second best team in the NFL won the (not so) Super Bowl this year, but y’all have  a nice story and all.  Drew, the broke-down QB signed by the broken city.  And now ya got the win. Yay.  I guess if the Colts had to lose, and honestly I don’t think they even tried, anyone who watched the game would think the same thing, then gifting the game to the saints, wrapped up all nice with a pretty bow, is not the worst thing ever.  At least it was the Colts gifting the game and not the Pats.  Yes… I’m still upset by the game and so a bit of snark is going the saints way.  I do give it up to y’all:  The onside kick was a good move, you made a good choice challenging the conversion call (which you ended up NOT needing the extra 2 points anyway), you did give the Colts a good run-around, and the interception just broke our blue hearts beyond recovery. 

All that said, it was one of the worst and most forgetable Superbowl events in recent history.  The game was mediocre with nothing to commit it to memory, well.. I guess the onside kick was a first successful 3rd quarter one in SB history, but other than that, it was a big yawn.  Worse than the game, which can’t really be helped much, was the commercials and the halftime show.  Honestly, it was like a big CBS plug show.  How many commercials for the company’s own shows were played?  Then, to top it off, the geriatric performance of the Who, who played a “best of CSI theme songs” medley.  Bah and double Bah!  Even the lone Clydesdale commercial was lame.

It was all so pathetically sad that I had to wander over to my best friend, the You Tube, for some comfort and solice.  Here are a few of my favorite commercials of SuperBowls past.

Pigeons have been great stars of Superbowl adds.  I remember the second one here from when I was a teenager, I think.  Now THAT’s a good ad.

Cats, too, have played great stars in superbowl commercials.  I laugh hard and loud everytime I watch the first one here.

This one has local ties, and is another one I laugh at everytime I watch it.

By far, my favorite Superbowl commercials are the Clydesdales.

A few other favorite ads:

One of the ONLY good commercials this year: 

Oh, almost forgot!

Thanks @bookaliciouspam for the NOOOoooo! button.  The Saints had me using it hard.  Go ahead, give it a try 😀


I think I feel better now.

Congratulations, New Orleans.  Good game.  Here’s to hoping for the win next year, Colts.  Drew Brees (grats on MVP) was a Purdue graduate, and Tracy Porter is a Hoosier, so I guess it’s still an Indiana win.  And if Colts had won, the NOLA could claim a piece, too, since Manning is from there.  I think the best quote about the game I’ve heard is Caldwell’s succinct comment, “The Saints played a good game and we didn’t.”


6 Responses

  1. HAHA! I am glad you liked the NOOOO button.

  2. I didn’t watch any of the game – I just wasn’t interested this year.

  3. I loved the NOOOOO button! I’m still trying to figure out how to use it at work. Pam recommended that whenever I do it, the speakers need to be on really loud!

    The Free Doritos commercial was made by two guys from my area. The local newspaper just had a follow-up story to share with the area what they did with their winnings. It’s always fun when there is a local connection on national television.

    • That’s just too funny that we both share a local tie to the same commercial! I forget how, exactly, it’s tied to my area, I think one of the guy’s dad lives in Indiana, if I remember correctly. And, if I’m not mistaken, your in the Cincy area, so it’s likely they have family in Indiana.

      Definitely crank the volume on the speakers when you use the Nooooooo! button 😀

  4. Ah, it’s OK. There’s always next year.
    Since I live in Mass (but have been a Chiefs fan for SOOOoooo long) we were all cheering for the Saints. The gumbo we made was awesome and a good clue how the game was to go (that’s our SuperBowl tradition – the winners usually align with the best soup. We make soup based on the area represented…) I thought the commercials were weak.

  5. Eh, I agree…in addtion to the oh-so-sad Colts loss, the commercials left alot to be desired…but I guess there are some pretty good standards to have to live up to, as evidenced by your youtube finds.


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