I Want More KOOL-AID!

I’ve been trying to fiddle with the sidebar widgets on this thing, and so far am unable to get my links to take.  So, I figured I’d just make ths page so you’d know where else you can find Kool-Aid!

The place that started it all is:
BookMooch The Kool-Aid Mom on BookMooch

You can check out my list of books available for mooching. Also you’ll find my wishlist, in case you have it in your heart to fulfill a wish or two.

Where BookMooch took me:
LibraryThing logo Wanna peek at my bookshelves? click here!

LibraryThing is an amazing site. I have found fellow booklovers and new friends. It is however, an evil wicked site, because since I’ve joined my To Be Read pile has had to bookslides, and my wishlist is out of control! So be warned, LT can be addictive… but there is talk of a self-help thread for book-a-holics.

While on LibraryThing I found:

The LibraryThing Early Reviewers group each month has a list of available Advanced Reader Copies, with a bonus batch most months, that ER members can sign up for. Selections are made through the mystical, divining algorithm, the secrets of which are more guarded than the Academy Awards results!

Other places LibraryThing took me:
Shelf Awareness top

Sign up for the Shelf Awareness newsletter. Each day there are banner adds for free ARCs. Read the next best seller before your friends! Also, the newsletter is chock full of book info, like expos and big goings on in the corporate world of books. Indie books have been featured, as well. Yay for Indie books!!

Barny Noble's FL MORE and MORE and MORE FREE BOOKS!!!

Barnes & Nobles has a First Look club which you can sign up for an ARC book that will be read as a book club on their site. The current one is Stewart O’Nan’s Songs for the Missing, already being discussed (if you want a copy, keep an eye out on BookMooch, they pop up from time to time 😉 ). However, check back next month, or so, to sign up for the next book they’ll be doing.

PaperBackSwap The Kool-Aid Mom at PaperBackSwap!

Like BookMooch, PBS is a book swapping site, however there are some differences.
1) BM allows you to pick from whom you’d like to get a book. This means, you can check out the members activity and decide whether you want to try to snag that copy of Kafka on the Shore from a member who hasn’t been on in over 290 days. PBS hooks you up to the next person on queue, which means if that person signed up and posted his 10 to get 2 free books, then split, no one gets a book when he’s up (Just had this problem. Now I’m stalking my reminder list, waiting for someone to grab his so I can take the one under him.)
2) BookMooch has instant points and incentive points, such as someone mooches one of your books, you get one point… right then… to be spent immediately on the evergrowing wishlist (or is that just me….). You also get 0.1 points for adding inventory and acknowledging a book you requested as “recieved”. PBS’s credit system is: you get the point when the other person clicks the book was received, but you can purchase credits for $3.45 per point.

You can find my Goodreads profile here 🙂

You can also friend me on facebook!

New Writer’s Homes:

booksie Wanna read I’ve been writing?

I’m not convinced I like Booksie. It seems to be a place for shameless promotion, “LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!” But I do like the idea if my puter takes a dump and I lose all I’ve ever written, or my house burns down… whatever… Somewhere, out there… floating in the streams of the ethernet… my work still exists. I also email copies to a few close, well-respected people for editing and input. Soo… go to Booksie and “LOOK AT ME!! READ MY WORK!! LOOK AT ME!!!!”

Red Room The Kool-Aid Mom in the Red Room

Honestly, I just signed up for this site, and I’m not quite sure what I think about it… or what to do with it. I can’t get past Little Danny on his tricycle in the hotel seeing the twin girls and the tidal wave of blood…RED RUM! RED RUM! RED RUM! The name of this site makes me remember that scene. Maybe someone can give me a hint about redrum… I mean, redroom.com.

Are there any sites I missed? Leave a comment to about other great book sites!


8 Responses

  1. thanks for the great info

  2. What about Good Reads and Overbooked, a resource for readers. You can find me on both of them and Library Thing. Bookmarking you, and thanks for the other sites.

  3. And I forgot Shelf Talk from the Seattle Public Library.

  4. Oh my goodness! When will I ever find time to sit and click on all the links and read about all the bookish goodness? This is amazing. I’m a fairly new reader of book blogs (I’ve been reading blogs in general for awhile) and today is the first day for me to find your site. I love it so far. I entered your Borders giveaway by leaving a comment there. I hope this will count as my second entry to that contest. Thanks for creating such a great blog for us booklovers!! I’ve added you to my Google reader so I’ll be back to read some more.

  5. Thank you so much for posting it. I am already a member of paperback swap, but some of the other things you posted I had never heard of before!

  6. Hi Koolaid Mom,

    I was hit with a tag and am passing the fun to you: http://donstuff.wordpress.com/2008/08/15/ive-been-tagged-the-horror-the-horror/

  7. Hi KA Mom – for another bookswap option, see http://www.novelaction.com. It’s cool because even though there’s a membership charge (just $25/year) you can get a bunch of books at a time so the shipping makes it actually cheaper. They don’t have a gazillion books like PBS, but I always see stuff I want so my TBR pile is out of control!!!!

  8. I wanted to let you know that you have won the Literary Blogger Award from Texas Banter Book Reviews!


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