Mt. TBR’s Review Policy

Currently, I’m trying to read through all the books that I have received and have promised to review, so I’m not taking very many new books unless it just really grabs me.  I’m also not able to promise a quick review, unless you’ve otherwise specified you’d like it by a certain date, in which case I’ll try to fit it in.


I love hearing from authors and publicists who’d like me to read and review their books. If you have a title you think I’d be interested in, please feel free to contact me at .  I do my best to respond to every invitation to read and review a book, and I take the time to check up on the book offered to make sure it fits with my reading tastes before choosing to accept or not.

I read a wide variety of material, from historical fiction to chick lit, and especially enjoy SciFi/Fantasy, Thriller/Horror, and character-driven speculative fiction. I gravitate to the quirky and off-beat, particularly.  I’d love to hear about any modern/urban fairy tales, paranormal fiction, secondary world fantasy, weird fiction, horror, short fiction, and young adult lit you’ve recently published.  I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of manga and graphic novels, and am including them in my reading, as well.  What a treasure I’ve overlooked there! 

In short, I’m up for almost anything, with the exception of erotica and harlequin-esque romance novels, and Golf.  Unfortunately, I do not have an e-reader at this time.   If your book is similar to the sorts of things I’ve reviewed on my blog, please let me know about it!

I give priority to review copies, and am generally able to post reviews within a month of receipt. If you’d like the review posted at a particular time, please let me know; I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

Please be aware that I review everything I read, and I always give my honest opinion of the material!  If you are concerned with how I might review a book I didn’t care for, my review of Katka is a great example.  I would also like to add that Stephen Meier, the author, left a comment that’s a class-act example of a gentleman author!  As I’ve said, I do have broad interests, and I like most of the stuff I pick up.  I don’t often give books fewer than 3 stars, but an occasional klunker will occur.   I link to each review and cross-post my opinions on LibraryThing.

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to hearing from you.


3 Responses

  1. Mt Tabor, Israel? Love your 50’s Kool-Aid button!

    (Another child of the 50’s)

  2. I was on your blog today and seen in the right corner I have won a book and for the life of me can not remember if I have connected with you on this. 🙂

    I f I have not – my email is

    Thanks! LOVE your blog!

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