The Sunday Salon -Book Overload!

The Sunday

This last week has been a busy book-week. My middle daughter went to her dad’s the week before, leaving me with just my 15-year-old. She’s in summer school and can’t go to her dad’s until next weekend after S.S. is over. Then I’ll have about a week alone (since June 29th is my birthday, this will be a wonderful present!)

July 5th will see the return of my youngest, Photobucket who starts summer school on the 8th (High school and elementary take their SS at different times).
I’m kind of starting to miss the little bug. (Her nickname when she was younger was “Lady Bug”)

I finished four books this past week: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, Two For the Dough by Janet Evanovich, and Cell by Stephen King. Six is the most I’ve ever read in one week, and Skeleton Crew was only the last third, but it’s still a lot of reading.

I’ve also been working on writing my novel. So much of the process is in figuring out how everything works together, not just the fapping the keys and filling the screen with words. It also seems my writing is having some sort of breakdown, incurring the red wrath of Bic more and more. Don’t care.. edit later… write now. I may have a title for it, also. Mirror Image maybe, but that is subject to change.

Last week I also learned never to underestimate the Mooch. In trying to scrape together the point to mooch a book I wanted, I added Skeleton Crew (I was only 2/3 the way through) and Two For the Dough (which I hadn’t even started). I figured since there was plenty of those available, mine would be safe and I could finish at leisure. WRONG! My Skeleton Crew wasn’t even the best copy available, but it was mooched from me. Go figure. So now I won’t post until I’m done (or at least certain I’ll be done in a day or so.)

For this week, I’ve already started reading Hope’s Boy by Andrew Bridge. It’s a heart-breaking memoir of a boy who went into the foster system in Los Angeles county at the age of seven. He’d been living with his grandma in Chicago and was loved, cared for, and secure. But when his mom got out of prison in California, she demands her mother (Andy’s Grandma Kate) to send him to her. There he’s beaten by her boyfriend, used in a burglary by his mother and her girlfriend, and ignored often. The book just makes me want to cry.

After Hope’s Boy, I want to read all my Austen’s in chronological order. I have wanted to do a Jane-a-thon for a couple months, but haven’t been able to. The week alone (hopefully!) will give me the chance to just read-read-read straight through. 😀

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  1. I haven’t read any of Stephen King’s recent books. I was a huge fan in his earlier career. I really should pick up one of his latest to read. I think he disappointed me when he started his serial books and then he became so commercialized. What do you think? What would you recommend of his latest 3 or 4 books? I would appreciate your insight. Thanks.

  2. Out of his latest 3 or 4 books, I would definately recommend Lisey’s Story, that’s my favorite. Duma Key was really incredible, too, and is probably a better work than Lisey. I’ve not read “On Writing” yet, but it’s on Mt. TBR near the top.

    What makes me like Lisey’s Story so much is the concept of “the language pool”, a common story-consciousness. It explained a lot about writing and writer’s as well, at least in my own experience. I think I’ve read somewhere that there is only five stories in the world, and everything written or told is a version of one of the five. I’d have to look into that, but I’m sure it’s true.

  3. How did you like “The Gargoyle”?

  4. I liked your comment about novel writing – I seem to have no difficulty “fapping the keys and filling the screen with words,” but the figuring how it all works together is another story.

    I did a Jane-A-Thon last winter. It was fun. I read a great biography by Claire Tomalin – called simply Jane Austen: A Life.

  5. I was looking at the Evanovich books in the Oxfam shop just the other day and thinking that I ought to catch up on the ones I’ve missed . And I love the idea of reading all your Austen chronologically. It’s always my preferred method of reading an author. I just love watching the ideas and the style developing.

  6. I am looking forward to reading The Gargoyle. It’s one of many on my Mt. TBR. 🙂 I hope to one day read all of Jane Austen’s books. I have only managed to get to three so far. I enjoyed each of them immensely.

    Have a great week!

  7. It sounds like you’ve had a busy week reading. I love the name of your blog.

  8. Mt. TBR – I love that! 🙂
    Sounds like you had a great reading week. I finished up a book over the weekend so that was good. Not that it seems to make a difference with the mountain of TBR books I have. ha.

  9. Yeah, I did get a few books off Mt. TBR this week… of course I had to abandon silly things like showering, changing my clothes and leaving the house 😀

    Seriously, though… I got four off, but about 17 coming in the mail from BookMooch and PBS, not to mention the ARCs on the way. That is NOT a good ratio… At this rate, I’ll never get done! and Now that I’ve found another book list, I’m in even more dire straits!

    I wish I was a speed reader with photographic memory!

  10. Duh! I’ve only just ‘got’ what Mt TBR is. Very funny. I thought it was a real place in the US. Four books in one week is truly impressive – well worth the ‘sacrifices’.

  11. So I’m a little late on my Sunday Salon commenting…oops 🙂

    Your Jane-a-thon sounds SO much fun…I’ve been wanting to reread Pride & Prejudice for about a year, but I haven’t had the chance!

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